54: Season Preview 2017-2018

A preview of the upcoming Timberwolves season. First, a breakdown of potential strengths and weakness of the team. Then we discuss which players are most likely to be in Thibodeau’s doghouse, lead in social/political issues, or be way better than last season. Finally in “Predict It” we conjure a season-long prediction and compare possible Wolves win totals.



52: Jim & Jimmy

The Timberwolves acquired a superstar, full breakdown of the Butler trade, a look ahead to free agency and what comes next, a Jimmy Buckets game and more.

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49: Whatever, Balls

Race to the bottom, free agency targets, Tom Thibodeau summer vacation fan fiction, JaVale McGee mixing it up with Gorui, Timberwolves fans in Japan, a logo game and more. 

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44: Close to The Bear

Road trip success, Jones/Dunn backcourt, 5 Questions with Steve McPherson, Rubio as the "Bridge", Northwestern University Basketball, a surname game and more. 

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42: The Wrong Green

A home stand's end, the rebrand color controversy, reviewing Target Center food, perspective in the form of the dysfunctional Orlando Magic, an over/under game and more.

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41: Turn Off Injuries

A regression on defense, a medical and philosophical look at Zach LaVine's injury, the Lance Stephenson quandary, predicting the future, one hit wonder halftime shows, a game and more.

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40: No Tyus, No Peace

Wolves winning ways, the homestand ahead, 5 Questions with Wolves team photographer David Sherman, Shabazz playing himself into a contract, Wiggy's slime green shoes, two truths and a lie, and more.

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38: The Yung 3