91: Wolves-Related Trophy

This week’s show is entirely dedicated to the Jimmy Butler trade. Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to “As The Wolf Howls” our weekly soap opera segment. Also, new guys and new rotations, ranking our favorite Butler memories, teacher’s pet KAT, new guys trivia and more.

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90: A Misalignment of Priorities

A winless road trip and the drawn-out Butler saga inspires Scott and guest host Robert to gauge where this season ranks amongst other bad years. Also, team stats after ten games, a new “chopping block” segment, Apple Valley, a limerick challenge and more.

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89: Generally Sore

Another week of Timberwolves basketball means another Wolvescast podcast for your ears! Scott and guest host Robert talk about Derrick Rose scoring 50 points, Justin Patton’s declined option, and both of the new Wolves uniforms. Also they open up the mailbag to answer your questions, give away Wolfie awards and play a game.

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88: Daryl Finds A Way

After a week that featured four games in seven nights, Okogie making a name for himself, and a fresh Butler trade rumor from Woj, there is plenty to cover on this week’s show! Also we get into the improved bench production, give frigid cold takes, the death of Cherry Berry, a choose your own adventure game and more.

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87: Living Well is the Best Revenge

Game one is in the books and somehow the Jimmy Butler saga continues to rumble along. Our new segment “As The Wolf Howls” analyzes the latest plot twists. Also, Glen Taylor in the media, new food at Target Center, home opener boo-birds, Flash Seats (sorta) gets an update, a game and more.

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86: Wolvescast Jeopardy 2018

These are trying times to be a Timberwolves fan. The franchise is a mess. The painful, prolonged Jimmy Butler saga continues to sap the joy out of a typically exciting time of the season. In lieu of a proper season preview show, (which we feel unable to produce prior to the inevitable Butler trade) we instead are happy to present something more lighthearted: Wolvescast Jeopardy!

For the third straight year we’re kicking off the season by playing a round of the Trebek classic. Guest co-host Robert hosts another fantastic game pitting brothers against each other. Will Neil continue his dominance of year’s past, or will Scott finally break through and notch a win in the annual competition? Listen now and find out!


85: Change The Venue

We interrupt our regularly scheduled season preview series to bring you an entire podcast on the ramifications of Jimmy Butler’s trade request. We try to figure out how we arrived at this point, where the team goes next and who’s to blame for the debacle. Also, ranking potential next head coaches, Britt eats crow, a game of “would you rather” and more.

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84: Preseason Q&A

With the season opener less than a month away, we sat down with Canis Hoopus editor John Meyer to answer some Timberwolves questions. 

The quandaries range from the relevant and important (What defines success?) to the inane (Who has the cooler name between Gorgui Dieng and Luol Deng?). Also, who will regress, which player we will miss most from last season and what we expect the final two new jerseys to look like.


83: New Millennium Baby

The podcast is back with a Timberwolves midsummer check in! Lots has happened since we last talked into microphones. We chat about the roster additions via the draft and free agency. Also, possible contract extensions, Bjelica moments: ranked, ESPN Magazine’s Body issue, a game and more.

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82: Avoids Dunking

In this Timberwolves offseason preview edition of the podcast we discuss free agency, possible trades and a Jimmy Butler extension. Also, Crawford opts out, front office/coaching shakeups, renaming the team, Chinese internet nicknames, a game and more.

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81: Men of Valor

The 2017-2018 Minnesota Timberwolves season has concluded and Wolvescast is here to put a bow on the first playoff series in 14 years. Also, the experience of attending a home playoff game, Glen Taylor’s recent comments in the media, also a round of “Worried/Not Worried”, Mike D’Antoni, a game a more. 

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80: Good Dog Cassie

Bittersweet feelings abound this week as the Minnesota Timberwolves are in the playoffs, but performing rather poorly. Scott and guest co-host Robert break down the wide range of emotions that come with a first round series against the Houston Rockets. Also Towns and Butler struggling, a preview of games three and four, bone-chilling cold takes, love for Kevin Harlan, a limerick game and more.

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79: Phases of Panic

Finally the Timberwolves finish an NBA season with a winning record and a playoff berth. This week on Wolvescast we talk about game 82 and the importance of the postseason. Also, a regular season review, recapping our preseason predictions, new prognostications about the Rockets series, more love for Taj, a game and more.

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78: Track to be Back

As the Timberwolves round the final stretch, Wolvescast is here to preview the final four games of the regular season. Also, Jimmy Butler’s return to the court, the playoff picture, ranking the top moments of the season, Karl Anthony Towns’ Twitch channel, a game and more.

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77: Inoculated to the Pain

This has been a strange week of Timberwolves basketball. From the rock bottom lows of Monday’s loss to Memphis to Wednesday’s inspirational high of Karl Towns setting the Wolves scoring record. Wolvescast breaks it all down for you in this episode. Also, Five Questions With: Joe Mande, Target Center Food Review, a 50 point scorer game and more.

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76: Rose Woes

As the team continues to battle through the brutal western conference playoff picture, Jimmy Butler spoke to the media for the first time since his injury. This week on the show we break down how the team has managed to stay afloat in his absence. Also an improved Andrew Wiggins, the return of “Howling Out”, overanalyzing Derrick Rose, a game about the year 2004 and more.

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75: Goldilocks Situation

After consecutive wins against Golden State and Washington the Wolves have re-inspired their fanbase. This week Neil and Scott discuss the impressive play of Nemanja Bjelica. Also, NCAA players to watch, Wiggins whispers, pickup basketball etiquette, Jamal Crawford’s absurd usage rate, a college hoops game and more.

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74: Delusions of Grandeur

It’s been a difficult week for the local basketball team. The news of Rose’s signing has sent shockwaves through Wolves nation. In this episode we talk about why we’re disappointed in the organization. Also, the Ricky Rubio drama, getting realistic about the playoffs, NBA nepotism, the league’s best city jerseys, a Chicago Bulls game and more.

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73: Awfully Prescient

Down goes Butler! On today’s show we mourn the loss of our fearless leader and what his absence means for the team going forward. Also, the end of Shabazz Muhammad’s Timberwolves career, predicting the final few weeks, Prince merchandise, a limerick game and more.

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72: Bullies Get Bullied

Rejoice! The long, torturous break is over and the NBA has returned to our lives! On this show we recap Towns and Butler’s All Star weekend in Los Angeles. Also, Five Questions with Alan Horton, a farewell to some really heavy skyway doors, a two truths and a lie game and more.

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